Players: 1
0.00010000 BTC
Players: 1
0.00100000 BTC
Players: 13
0.0031 BTC
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How to play and what is the point?
The bottom line is that several players make their bets which makes up the total prize pool in a choosen room, after 30 seconds one player (winnwer) gets all funds from the prize pool (the winner is chosen randomly). The higher the player’s total bet, the more chances he has to win. The countdown begins after bets from two players.
Can I play if I am not yet 18 years old?
Not! Our service is intended only for persons who have reached the age of majority. If you are under 18 please leave our site.
I bet 0.01 BTC and my opponent 0.001 BTC. If I win, how much will I get?
The winner gets 90% of common bets fund. The commission is taken from all bets, except the winner. You will get 0.0109 BTC.
How long does it take to process a withdrawal request?
The payment audit process typically takes between 1-6 hours and in certain rare circumstances could take a little longer.
What payment systems do you accept?
You can top up your balance in many ways, but Bitcoin is the main currency of the project. All payments and bets on the site are made exclusively in bitcoins. Therefore, if you top up the balance using a different currency, then these funds will be automatically transferred to bitcoins at the current average market rate.
My page in the social network which I used for authorization was blocked for violation. How can I access the site now?
Your page in the social network is the key to the account on this site. Having lost the page in social network you also lose access to your account on this site! Try yo restore your page if it possible.
Are multiple accounts allowed?
No, it is strictly prohibited!
Do you have an affiliate program? What conditions do you offer?
Yes, we have 3-level referral program (5%-2%-1%). For each player who registered with your referral link you will receive interest from each of his bets, as well as from all bets made by his referrals up to the 3rd level depths. Income is not limited by anything.
I have a youtube channel, I want to promote your site. Please give me money for the game!
You can advertise your referral link anywhere and in any way, but we do not give out money for the game.